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Questions for Ali’s Deals?

If you are having issues with a code, please see answers to frequently asked questions below:

My code is expired or says “promotional code not valid”, what do I do?

As noted, coupons, codes and are valid at time posted and may change or expire at any time.

The item is sold out or “currently unavailable,” what does this mean?

Unfortunately, items are limited and sometimes items are sold out and go out of stock quickly. All products are available only while supplies last.

When I entered my code, it stated, “cannot be applied to your purchase.” What does that mean?

This usually doesn’t mean the code is expired.

“Cannot be applied to purchase” can mean many other things, such as:

1.Have you gotten this item before with a code? You cannot use another code for the same item again later. Even if you see it again another day. Codes are always set to one per account.

2.Does it only work on a certain style, size or color? This is a possibility. If there are more options, please try a different one.

Check the pink notes area above where coupon code is redeemed to see if any specifications are noted. When this information is shared with us, we always pass it on to you. 

3.Is there a prime and non prime (merchant shipped) option? Sometimes the code will only work on one or the other.

4.Are there more than one sellers on the same listing? If so, try the other seller. Check where it says “new (2) from,” (for example)on the product page and select another store name before adding the item to your cart.

5. If none of these fit, please remember, sometimes codes are just set incorrectly, and will not work due to human error. We just share the discount and code information we are given. Please check back later, as we always try our best to get new codes in this case. 

If you don’t see the answer to your question and need additional help with a specific item, please contact us with the link to the item, and also the exact error message you receive when entering the code. 

We will get back to you with within 24-48 hours!