About Ali's Deals

Hi, I’m Ali. Owner and operator of Ali’s Deals. I’m a proud wife and mom of three who is also crazy about shopping, and saving money. I know what you’re thinking. Those two statements usually don’t go together, but I am here to show you the way.


A few years back, I stumbled upon the secret to acquiring secret online shopping deals that most don’t even know exist. In the past, I had often hesitated on buying certain items because they were just too expensive. However, once I discovered these amazing promos, I was able to provide my family with more for less.


With new products available daily from 40-99% off, the deals are endless. Every day necessities no longer break the bank for me. Believe it or not, Christmas shopping is now fun and not as stressful. Birthdays are easy. I even get to buy nice things for my home and family, many times just because.


It’s become my passion to share these exclusive online shopping deals with all of you as well. I promise you’ll have a ton of fun here and snag some amazing deals!